"Lean Ryde has been an amazing journey for me! Before I started Lean Ryde I had never taken a traditional spinning class. I was nervous at first to try it because I wasn't sure if I could do the class. After taking my first class, I fell in love with how Lean Ryde made me feel. Most importantly, I gained the confidence to keep doing the class. The Instructors taught me to work at my pace first then they taught me to push myself to limits I never thought I could. Each of the Instructors have made my classes motivating and fun! Since I started doing Lean Ryde, I have lost 2 full dress sizes, I have become incredibly strong and I have watched my body fat literally melt away!" - Nadine M.

"Before Lean Ryde, I had hit a plateau. Lean Ryde gave me the push I needed, and the results I had been looking for. I look forward to coming to classes, and am constantly surprising myself with the strength that I've gained. I can't wait to see what else I can accomplish!!" - Maggie K.

"I really like lean ryde because it makes your whole body work! The classes are different every time so you don't get bored. Plus sometimes they add an extra session of abs at the end. Love the way it makes me feel and I always get a great workout!!" - Tricia M.

In the 1980's, came the stationary bike - big, one-dimensional, and boring. Then came the indoor cycling bike. It was designed to mimic a real outdoor bike, and it certainly was an improvement: Its seat, pedals, and relatively adjustable cockpit, all were designed to better replicate a real road bike.

Of course it remained essentially a stationary bike - a rigid, locked-down pedaling machine. And its basic design still hasn't changed. Even after twenty years, the only real improvements have been slight improvements to adjustability and durability.

But now indoor cycling technology has taken an evolutionary leap. That's because the RealRyder® ABF8 has a unique, articulating frame that allows it to steer, lean, and feel like an actual road bike.

And that allows the RealRyder® ABF8 Stationary Bike to simulate the experience and the benefits of riding a bike out in the real world. Not just the pedaling; the steering, the leaning, the balancing, the mental involvement, and the emotional excitement.

The result is a 5-in-1 workout for the whole body - not simply legs and cardio, but also upper body, core muscle groups, and balance.

Compared to the RealRyder ABF8, other indoor bikes just aren't working out

Until now, the dynamic of an indoor cycling class has essentially been limited to pedaling faster or slower.

The RealRyder® ABF8 adds a whole new range of motions that keep the mind more engaged and the body more active.

That's because the RealRyder® ABF8 has a unique, articulating frame that allows it to steer, turn, and feel like a road bike. That side-to-side motion requires constant shifts of balance - continuous adjustments and corrections that correspond to a rider's movements on the road while encountering wind shifts, obstacles, and banked and curving surfaces.

The result is a unique 5-in-1 workout that improves not just legs and cardio, but also upper body and core muscles groups. What's more, the RealRyder® ABF8 challenges - and improves - the rider's sense of balance.

More kinds of movement. More muscles used. More calories burned. The RealRyder® ABF8 provides a range of full-body exercise benefits that simply can't be approached by conventional indoor bikes.