This contest runs every six weeks!  Click HERE to enroll in our next sessions!
$140 for 6 weeks of unlimited classes AND your RMR/Vo2 test
Winner gets $150 and an exit RMR/V02 test! (an $80 value!)
Runner-up gets their next WLW session FREE!

Here's what you get:
• 6 weeks unlimited membership. 
• One kick-off meeting at the beginning of the contest and one finale meeting on the contest end date.
• Your resting metabolic rate test (RMR) and your volume of oxygen uptake test (Vo2) at the beginning of the contest. (an $80 value!) For more information on this test, click the RMR/Vo2 tab up top.
• Weekly weigh-ins at the class of your choosing. Weigh-in days must be at least 5 days apart. (this information is used for the percentage chart on the wall). Simply weigh-in with any instructor. You must weigh in weekly!
• Access to our LeanRyde WLW Facebook page offering a community forum for weight loss strategies, recipes, etc.
• Training chart to track your weekly progress including sleep, measurements, physical activity, and stretching.
• Your exit RMR/Vo2 available for just $30. Your RMR and Vo2 WILL IMPROVE after six weeks, and you will have exact numbers of improvements achieved. (unless you win the contest, then this exit test is free!)

Your progress will be recorded on the giant chart on the wall (with your code name). At the end of the six weeks, the top weight loser will be announced!

Couple of rules:
You can come to as many classes per week as you want!
If you are caught not eating or drinking, you are disqualified. 
You are not allowed to be cranky. You must have your RMR/Vo2 test completed within the two weeks prior to the start date or two weeks after the start date. 

If you do not see a time on the RMR/Vo2 schedule that works for you, email dawn directly to set up a private appt.: dawn@leanryde.com